Data Processing, Filtering & Searching

Data processing, filtering, and searching are all critical pieces of the eDiscovery process, as depicted in the classic EDRM model. As such these processes are applied as part of a broader platform tool, such as Relativity, DISCO, or others. At S2|DATA, being specialists in restoration of massive amounts of backed up and archived data, we have operated at the very left side of the EDRM model, and, as such, we often land Petabytes of data, most of which is not relevant to the eDiscovery process. 

Our clients and the courts, rightfully so, find it legally, technically, and financially burdensome to process 5 Petabytes of restored data into a review platform, when the overwhelming majority of the data is not relevant to the matter at hand. For this reason we have built over many years our own proprietary technology for processing, filtering & searching to minimize any financial burden and get to the relevant material as quickly as possible. 

Our processing technology is portable, stand-alone, runs on our servers, and does not require internet connectivity. It is ideal for risk-averse clients requiring a completely air-gapped operation when we work on their data. Because it is our own technology we can scale capacity, as needed, which means it saves you money and speeds up time to responsive data.

Services include:

  • De-duplication
    • Global level
    • Custodian level
    • Custom methods are available
  • Filtering
    • Custodian
    • Date/Time period
    • File type/Data type
    • File size
    • DeNIST (removal of non-relevant system files)
  • Searching
    • Date & Time
    • Word with Proximity
    • Boolean
    • Custodians by name
    • To, From, CC, BCC
    • …among others
  • Custom outputs
    • Native
    • Relativity Load File
    • PST
    • Others