S2|DATA Announces Text Message Recovery & Presentation Service for Litigators and Investigators

S2|DATA announces MEAD – its new service for text message recovery that addresses the needs of litigators and investigators to quickly examine message threads with timelines and key metadata clearly and cleanly presented.  In short, MEAD makes the messages appear in the forensic record the same way they appeared on the original devices, with message bubbles, colors, and emojis.  When doing text message recovery, MEAD provides a much better way to present conversations extracted from Apple (iOS) and Android mobile devices, allowing for much easier review.

The ability to preserve and present what is important in an easy to visualize layout has become increasingly valuable amidst the explosion in different message formats that can be employed on smartphones. When other solutions are tasked with text message recovery, detailed metadata often surrounds and clutters message presentation. Collections can be imported to common review platforms for further redaction/coding functionality as required.

Key features of MEAD for text message recovery include:

  • A clear graphical timeline presentation of communications including color emojis & attachments.
  • A closer representation of how a native communication thread appears on the phone. Additional critical metadata not previously seen on other message reports. This includes “not sent” and “unread”. These unusual metadata fields are printed outside the message bubble in a highly noticeable red font.
  • Text message recovery from multiple platforms:
    • SMS, MMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Instagram and more
  • Complete removal of extraneous metadata that confuses the communication thread review.
  • Integrates with top review platforms: RelOne, csDISCO, Reveal and others.
  • Conversational grouping by targeted (or all) parties across all or specific date ranges.
  • Full conversation threads. Each conversation can be presented as a single file, i.e. contains all messages from the initial one through to the final message in the conversation.
  • 24-hour conversation threads. Each conversation can be presented as a series of individual files where each one contains all messages in a 24-hour timeframe. This gives the reviewer a finer granularity of production options.

A cleaner conversation — making review fast & easy.

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