Asset Tracking Control & COC (Chain of Custody)

Tracking data assets is part of our everyday process. Our clients demand to know where their data assets are from the moment they leave their facility to the moment they return. Further, they are required to know where they have been and who has had access to them while outside of their possession. The systems we employ are industry leading and over time have developed into a robust asset tracking system that can be employed for full audit traceability.  Whether it’s a thumb drive being picked up for digital forensics work, or a data center that is moving from one country to another, our robust asset tracking system monitors every step. We’ve handled everything, from receiving something via FedEx, to hiring private Jets and organizing the movement of physical and data assets between continents.

To summarize our Asset Tracking Control Services

  • Tracks your assets from Procurement to End of Life
    • Tapes, Hard Drives, Cellphones, Laptops, modifications can be made to track just about everything of importance to you and your company.
  • Special access to your account for viewing only with approval and tracking of accounts ownership.
    • See your asset inventory in real time.
    • Every change in your asset’s location will be recorded.


  • Ability to add a description field along with many other fields including and not limited to, Server Name, Creation Date, Expiration Dates, Destruction Dates. If your company needs this detailed information and you can provide it, S2 will add to the asset ID.
    • As soon as the asset gets entered our Asset Management system History begins recording.
    • Inventory in Excel or .CSV spreadsheets
  • Discrepancy Reporting
    • S2 will create a file to compare assets expected to be sent to our Secure Vault. If any discrepancies are identified, S2 will notify you immediately after all assets have been entered into our Asset Management System.

Asset Management Standard

  • Every tape/asset must have a unique barcode per account number which will be provided by S2.
    • If your asset does not have a barcode (Item ID with 2 – 10 alphanumeric characters), S2 will affix one to the asset for you.
    • Manually written barcodes with long IDs, can be entered with an alternate barcode with a description from a handwritten barcode.
  • Zones
    • Every asset will be assigned to a unique location in the Parent Account per asset type.
      • Locating your asset within seconds