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Legacy Data Liability Reduction

See how S2|DATA services regarding which legacy data to retain and which not to retain are flexible and can be utilized in a range of contexts.

Trade Secret & Departed Employee

What to do when an employee is in the process of moving between two companies.

Eliminate Risk & Unlock the Hidden Treasure of Offline & Legacy Data

Learn more about how S2|DATA is in the business of helping its clients mitigate their offline & legacy data risks.

Circumventing Prosecution Bars in Patent Infringement

Learn more about how S2|DATA is in the business of helping its clients with their legacy data.

Backup tapes as a source of data for Forensic Analysis

Learn more about how S2|DATA is in the business of helping its clients find out what is on backup tape.

Corporate Bankruptcy, Restructuring & Wind Down IT Services

Learn how S2|DATA can help to solve the court, trustee or company needs in Bankruptcy, Restructure or Wind-Down scenarios.

Understand Data Forensics

Learn how data forensics services are increasingly important to the legal process and reflect the growing demand for forensic data recovery and proactive data security services.

Future-Proof Your Enterprise Data

Learn how S2|DATA is shaping the Legacy Data industry and how you can leverage our leading-edge solutions as a competitive advantage.

Reduce Your Offsite Storage by 99%

Learn how our proprietary software TRACS is saving clients millions and how you can improve data intelligence while dramatically reducing both cost and risk.